Thursday, June 07, 2007


I thought it might be fun if we did a story together. I will start it but I want readers to continue it. Let's see how far it gets. The beginning:

I couldn’t bear to look at his picture any longer. I turned the photo over and placed it down on the mantel. I wearily walked to the sofa and sat down. My mind couldn’t help wandering to happier times we spent together. I met him while waitressing at the local coffee shop, to earn money for my education. I was studying business and Jared was studying me. That first time he smiled at me, his lips were curled up and his pearly whites in plain view. That first kiss he planted on my lips...

I invite all readers to continue this story and let's have a good time.


Friday, February 02, 2007


It's been really cold here lately in Ontario, Canada. I could use a hot-blooded man to warm me up. I've been lying under the blankets and masturbating but a sexy young voice would help me have more intense orgasms. Care to help a horny mature woman cum hard? If you would, call me.


Monday, October 23, 2006


My boyfriend and I went to "The Everything To Do With Sex Show" yesterday. It was on all weekend in Toronto, Ontario. My boyfriend stared at the nipples of the woman being demonstrated on, on one of the stages. They were sooooooooooooo long.

In the dungeon room was a gorgeous half-naked woman that he didn't notice and I wasn't about to point her out. lol That room was full of BDSM things like floggers and whips and.... A guy even used some sizzling instrument on anyone that wanted to feel it. I liked it but my boyfriend LOVED it. Maybe it's time we start shopping at different stores. lol

I got my share right before we left. There were hot Canadian men on the main stage and they got me so horny that I couldn't wait to get home. The seminars were informative but the best one I saw was about oral sex. I was pleased to learn that there was little I didn't already do and many things I do that she didn't mention. My boyfriend said I should have taught it. lol It was well done though.

All in all we had a nice time and I do need to find out if those Canadian men are touring. lol They showed us their entire backside, nothing covered up. God those asses looked great and for that matter their chests were pumped and ...... my imagination went a bit wild. I pictured what would have happened if they had asked a woman to come up, to get those men to have their way with her in front of everyone. A girl can dream can't she? lol I guess that would have been a different type of show.

I am horny thinking about yesterday. Contact me and we can talk about your fantasies.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I like my blog to be sexy and playful and fun but sometimes a serious topic has to be discussed and this is one of those times. My mother was just diagnosed with a brain tumour and we'll be going to neurosurgeons to determine what treatment she will have. She is 80 years old but she is strong-willed and I admire her for that. Prayers would be appreciated, of course, but the reason I am writing is about more than that.

Two things have come to light that I wanted to alert my readers to. First, DON'T assume that if someone is forgetful or repetitive, they are just older so it's normal. It could be that but best to check it out. Second, we noticed my mother wasn't herself so she went for a Cat Scan/CT Scan. It came out fine. It was only after she had further symptoms a couple of months later that they did another one that looked fine too until a radiologist was diligent enough to look further. This time she got a Cat Scan WITH A DYE. It clearly showed her brain tumour which the followup MRI confirmed. So, keep in mind that Cat Scans don't always show brain tumours if it's location is like my mother's, in the posterior fossa it's called. A dye was needed. IF this helps saves even one person's life, this blog would have been worth it.

I wish good health to you and to your families. Life is full of tests and this is one of ours.


Saturday, July 15, 2006


Smiles light up a room so they say. Some claim smiles are what attracts them to someone. How important is a smile to you?

I hope my story, Afternoon Delight, gives you something to smile about. All rights reserved. Let me know what you think.


Looking at my e-mails one morning, I received an intriguing message that caught my attention. “BY SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY” was emphasized. “SexGoddess has requested your presence at a special reading of her new story.” The particulars were given, time and place. I was to let them know by replying online, if I would attend.

I had written some fan mail to SexGoddess under the pseudonym HotGuy. Her erotic stories on the site I joined had always managed to make me hard. The location was close to me and I hadn’t made plans yet for that date. Sure I would go, I wrote back.

As a recently divorced father of one son, I was enjoying my newfound freedom. I had been married for 10 years to one woman, but as the years went by Nancy seemed disinterested in having sexual relations. Where was the highly sexual woman I married? The woman I fell in love with, from her tiny heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh to her beautiful long hair, was still there in looks but not in spirit.

We went from having sex a few times a day, down to once a week. The last year of our marriage, I was lucky if she did me a favor and gave in once a month. Divorce was imminent and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and told her I wanted out. She didn’t protest and we had as amicable a divorce as possible, 6 months ago. She didn’t even object to joint custody of our son. I had him every 2nd week.

Yesterday had been especially memorable. Two women that I had met from online chatting had both agreed to have sex with me on the same day. Neither knew about the other; telling them would have been unwise. This “friends with benefits” arrangement I had with each of them, certainly had its benefits, and I was reaping them whenever time permitted.

Yesterday morning I went to Wendy’s house. The divorced mother of 3 children wanted a no-strings attached relationship, perfect for me. She greeted me the way she usually did, robe on with nothing underneath. As soon as she let me inside her home, door shut behind me, she was all over my cock. Unbuttoning my pants, unzipping them, and oh could she lick my balls. “Ohhhhhhhh Wendy,” I moaned as she engulfed my balls in her always-ready warm mouth.

Shifting her attention to my hardening rod, she liquefied my swollen cockhead. Proceeding with her deep throating expertise on my prick, she gave my erect manhood the fuel it needed for its immense release to orbit to its destination, her cum-swallowing mouth.

Removing the covering off her right shoulder, I fondled her sumptuous more-than-a-handful of soft flesh. Wendy uttered her sounds of delight, my signal to continue on this path to her pinnacle of pleasure. My tongue swirled around her thriving nipple before my eager mouth descended on it.

Exposing her other tit upon disposing her robe, I licked and sucked and gently bit the protrusion on her heaving left bosom. Her heightened moans clear evidence of her arousal. My tongue began its sojourn down her body. Licking inside her belly button made her squirm. As I drew nearer to her cunt, the intoxicating smells of her essence overwhelmed me.

Wendy’s pussy lips were large inviting folds of joy, waiting for whatever lucky man would get to suck on it. I was thrilled to be partaking of such a bountiful womanhood, blossoming as my tongue worked its magic along her gushing slit. Her multiple orgasms merely a preamble to what was to come.

The pre-cum on my dick licked off swiftly by Wendy, I teasingly rubbed my hot rod against her postured clit. “Fuck me Mark. Please fuck my cunt,” she begged. My cock, ready, willing and most definitely able, plunged quickly inside Wendy’s soaked pussy. Her squeals subsided and her moans of ecstasy took over, as her yielding hips met my rhythmic thrusts.

Our simultaneous outpouring of satisfaction left us both drained; we lay in each other’s arms, our tongues entwined as we shared some lingering kisses. Knowing I had another visit to make, I soon left Wendy under the pretense of having work to do. She was disappointed that it wouldn’t be a full day of sexual gratification but she understood. If she only knew, I thought.

Before the next woman, I had a quick bite for sustenance. All this sex takes energy and I wanted to be up for it. Devon was single, her 40 years of life exceeded my 32 years. There was something about her being older that really excited me. My fascination with older women hadn’t ceased and in fact Devon reinforced it. She didn’t play any head games. She knew what she liked and exactly how to get it. She was one hot babe. She also was the best cocksucker I ever had.

Devon was a bit kinky. Her favorite thing to do, which was a major turn-on, was having phone sex at the same time as real sex. Arriving at her apartment, she wore a black lacy bra and thong to greet me. I greeted her by moving my hand down her panties. The moistness in her cunt was building up, as my fingers pushed the thong to the side and darted inside then out of her entrance. I was reminded of the speakerphone nearby and that one of her “regular” phone sex buddies was on, as Drake from Detroit said “Hi” to me.

I said back my hello to Drake, amid my licks in Devon’s juicy pussy, as she leaned against the kitchen wall. From my knelt position, I had the perfect view and wasn’t about to miss anything. “Devon, feel my lonnnnnnnnnng tongue making its way into your cunt,” Drake said with a sexy undertone, as my tongue slid deeper into Devon’s inner being. Feeling like two men were eating her pussy at once, made her flow effusively. My open mouth the grateful recipient of her sweet nectar.

“Suck our cocks baby,” Drake continued, after hearing her moans lessen. “Tell me what she is doing to our cocks, Mark.” As Devon licked up my shaft, salivated the bloated head, satiated my balls and sucked my throbbing prick, I kept Drake informed of her progress; instead of doing it just to mine he was being told how she was doing it to each dick. Devon and I could hear Drake’s reaction to what was occurring.

His quickened breath and eventual release not able to match the contentment I felt; I asked Devon where she wanted me to cum and I shot my vast load all over her tits, after fucking her huge boobs. Slurping up the remnants that Devon’s tongue didn’t yet devour, was not to be missed. There are some things you just need the personal touch for. Poor Drake.

“Ride my big cock Devon,” Drake echoed my words to her. She mounted my stiff instrument, easily slipping down its full length. Moving up and down my long pole, I licked her tits as they bounced near enough for my tongue to reach. Her loud moans added to the experience, so did Drake’s heavy breathing as he stroked his cock while listening intently to us fucking.

“I’m cummming,” Devon screamed out; her body shuddered from the impact of her intense climax. Drake and I did the same; my hot cum shot into her welcoming pussy, while Drake only had a tissue taking in his.

Drake said goodbye and Devon and I continued our rendezvous. Devon lifted herself off my prick and lay down beside me. Rest was fine but I wanted to taste our juices mixed together in her honey pot. I edged towards her pussy, licking her ears and whispering to her “I want to eat your cunt.” With that, our lips caressed each other, and I could feel her tongue reacting to the thought as we kissed urgently.

When I reached the promised land, I twirled my tongue in her oasis. My senses reacted to the look of her divine slit. The flavor of the savory gushing juices that dripped down her legs, whet my appetite for more, as I fervently retrieved all of it.

Sucking on her swollen clit, Devon’s acute efflux gave me more fluid to drink. Whatever her fountain, I knew I would lick her dry. Her juices flowed and I imbibed. We made a good team.

The week passed as usual, though I had trouble keeping my wild imagination in check about the upcoming event I had agreed to attend. Finally, Saturday afternoon arrived and I went to the venue listed.

Men began entering the dimly lit auditorium, taking a number, as requested. The seats were lined up in a semi-circle so all would get a clear view of the large screen in front. I followed suit, getting the number 18 and grabbing a chair. The petite woman taking care of the seating, Angelica her nametag indicated, was a brunette with long hair that extended close to where her full round behind began. Her dark eyes and tanned skin gave her an exotic look I couldn’t help but notice and admire.

After all the invitees were seated, approximately 50 men, Angelica walked next to the screen and introduced herself to our receptive group. She explained how she would be assisting Dominique, the erotic author AKA SexGoddess.

Continuing, Angelica said that Dominique wanted to remain anonymous; she would be in disguise and her voice would be distorted using a special machine located in the private room set up on the premises. Dominique will be lying on a bed there, reading her new sexy story to us. We would be able to watch her on the large screen above.

“Feel free to stroke yourself or whatever would give you the greatest pleasure while watching,” Angelica added. “After the story is over, you will each get a chance to meet Dominique, up close and personal. Should you require my assistance during the reading or during your time with Dominique, I will be glad to do anything to increase your enjoyment.”

I could feel my cock stirring as she spoke those words. Just then, a woman lying down on a king size bed appeared on the TV screen ahead. “I’m Dominique. Welcome. I hope you enjoy my new story, Afternoon Delight.” Though obviously distorted from the equipment, her voice still sounded sexy. She began the titillating tale.

“Mandy was… pussy…………..” Dominique was wearing a sheer black lace negligee. Her legs slowly started spreading. She was teasing us. With the depressed light, we could see one of her hands reaching under her garment and probing her cunt, in and out. It was difficult to concentrate on her words when her actions spoke louder.

Glancing around at the other men, I could see many using one of their hands to rub the bulging cocks that lay beneath their pants. Others had their zippers opened and pricks out for all to see. My cock was pressing against my briefs and yearned to get out.

I unzipped my pants and listened to Dominique and watched her. Stroking my exposed manhood, my pace increased as she reached for a nearby toy with the same hand that had been where I wanted to end up. She took the huge vibrating dildo and rammed it into her needy cunt. “OMG, it fit right in, ALL OF IT.”

The blood rushed to my prick, which was now fully erect; pre-cum was running all over. It was then that I saw what Angelica was assisting in. I could see her on her knees by another guy and she was sucking his cock. Hearing his moans, as his sperm injected into her mouth, aroused me further.

I held off as long as I could, because I too wanted Angelica by my side, serving my aching prick. By the time she came to me, it seemed like hours but was actually only a short while. That strikingly beautiful woman was positioned for sucking my throbbing dick and the wait was well worth it. When I finally exploded into the mouth that so many had already filled tonight, I was strangely excited knowing men had cum before me and many would cum after.

“The end,” Dominique finally announced. With that, Angelica went back to the now-blank screen. I could see it was 6:15 pm on the digital clock that hung on the wall. “Now Dominique will be meeting with each of you. Look at the number you took when you first got here. If you look up ahead, you will see what number is allowed to go inside to see Dominique. While you wait your turn, you will be able to view Dominique and whomever she is with, on the screen. Enjoy.” Suddenly Angelica left the room.

For the first time I could see the number 1 lit up and one guy stood up and left the room. Angelica could be seen now on the large display, bringing the man in to see Dominique. All eyes were glued to the screen to see what was happening. Angelica told him to put a blindfold on Dominique’s eyes, which he did. Dominique was flat on the bed with her hands and legs loosely tied up by scarves, obviously by Angelica after she left the auditorium.

Announcing to man #1 and to us, Angelica dictated, “This evening is all about pleasure. No pain should be inflicted. Touch Dominique, lick her, suck her or whatever else you wish. For those interested, I can join in. If either of us says stop at any time, cease what you are doing. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.”

My eyes were fixated on the huge screen. The first guy to get to be with Dominique this evening straddled her body; he had her lick his ass and suck his cock as he bent over to eat her cunt. The animal sounds he emanated and the moans emitted from her, made my softened prick spring back to life.

He motioned for Angelica and she complied with his request. He got off Dominique and Angelica began licking Dominique’s big melons and sucking on her erect nipples. Angelica was over Dominique’s body with her great ass faced to the guy. He didn’t let the opportunity pass. His hard cock dove into Angelica’s tight ass after he put some lube on, remembering the no pain rule. “God that looks good,” I said, not realizing I said it aloud. Other guys nodded in agreement.

Angelica got off Dominique and asked him if he wanted another man to join in. Giving his approval, number 2 flashed on the board and lucky #2 hurriedly joined them. Angelica gave great head to him and he had her lay in the bed right next to Angelica. First he fucked Angelica while guy #1 worked on Dominique’s cockhungry pussy. Then they switched. Cum was oozing out of both women. What a sight to behold.

I watched as man after man left to go to Dominique and not surprisingly all had Angelica join in. Sometimes they let in 5 men at once, each satisfying themselves on these luscious sluts. I could hardly wait. I imagined what I would do to each of them and what pleasures they would give me in return. As my number grew nearer my excitement increased. My prick was aching for their touch.

Numbers 15 – 17 were in with them. “Oh god, I am next. Thank god.” At last the display I was staring at intently flashed 18. “It’s my turn.” I got off my chair and was led to my garden of eden. Angelica was sitting on a chair near the bed. Her legs were open wide, and she was playing with herself, while another man was jerking off watching. I couldn’t help myself. I went over to her and dropped on my knees. Just in time. She squirted all over my face. I could only imagine what other wonderful things would happen shortly. I stepped over to the bed.

I thought I would make my way up Dominique’s body. I started inching up her inner thigh with my wet tongue, enjoying her delicate skin. Suddenly I became aware of a small birthmark that looked like a heart. “Nancy?????” I asked incredulously. “Mark is that you??????” Nancy replied.

Let me know if you smiled or if it made your cock throb. Call me.


Sunday, July 02, 2006


Do you like dirty talk during sex? When I was younger, if a guy called me a whore in or out of the bedroom, I would have been very upset and kicked him out. Then again, I was so shy that I hid my ass from a guy I slept with at that time. lol I literally covered it up if I walked past him and he would see it. People change and in my case, I am not the inhibited little girl I once was.

My belief is the old saying that a woman should be a lady in the kitchen and a tramp in the bedroom. I believe I live up to that and in the bedroom it adds to the excitement factor when I am called a slut or whore. I personally am not fond of the word bitch but there are those that like it and that's fine. You could tell me you want to eat my cunt but don't you dare call me a cunt. Everyone has their list of dos and don'ts.

When sex isn't involved, I don't like to be called names. Call me a slut in everyday conversation, and I won't be talking to you again. I like to be treated with respect. There is a time and place for everything.

All comments are welcome so call me. When we have phone sex I will be the horniest slut you ever had!


Sunday, June 25, 2006


I love sex and I think about it all the time. That is, when I am not too busy having it. The other day, my boyfriend licked my pussy during a call. It was quite arousing, both the licking and the call. However there are other things I am passionate about besides sex. Writing is one of those things.

I had an inspiration for a children's story the other day so I sat down and wrote it. Funny thing is, the response from adults who read it has been overall positive. Tell me what you think. All my copyrights stay with me, of course. Feedback is always welcome. Here it is:


Mindy was a pretty little girl with golden locks and bright blue eyes. Her daddy was rich, very rich and if Mindy wanted something all she had to do was to ask for it.

Mindy and her dad took vacations on the French Riviera or in the Caribbean or anywhere Mindy wanted. Mindy’s mom left when she was a baby and her dad was sad and lonely. He never dated. Mindy liked having her dad all to herself.

Mindy had a large room in the big house they lived in. There were many rooms in that house. Each room had something special in it. Mindy loved the dining room with the pretty light hanging from above. It sparkled and dad called it something Mindy couldn’t pronounce. Mindy didn’t know how to say it but she liked the way the crystals looked.

The kitchen had a huge island with a marble counter and Mindy was told that not everyone had that. That made Mindy feel very lucky. The family room had a gigantic Plasma TV that Mindy loved to watch and a soft leather sofa that Mindy plopped down on.

Mindy’s favourite room was filled with her prized stuffed toy collection. Mindy loved all of them. They were different shapes and sizes. She had a pretty pink elephant with a long trunk and many dogs, some big and some small. She had unique stuffed toys that gave her great pleasure each time she added to her ever-growing collection. If Mindy had to choose, the clown with the multi-colored outfit and red nose was her top choice. Mindy knew that she would never part with any of them, especially the clown.

Mindy hated the school she went to. She didn’t have many friends. When the limousine pulled up to the school to drop her off, kids would stare. They were jealous and Mindy knew it.

There was a new girl in school who was shy. She was a short girl with gorgeous thick black hair. She dressed in clothes that looked a bit frumpy. The other kids weren’t friendly to her and in fact made fun of her. Mindy said hi to her one day while the two sat isolated from everyone else in the lunchroom. The two became fast friends.

For some reason Allison, her new friend, never had Mindy over to her house. Mindy had Ally, as she called her, over instead to her home and showed her all her stuffed toys. Ally loved the clown too and told Mindy so.

Mindy and Ally played together every day. Mindy showed Ally her dolls and all her toys and Ally loved coming over to Mindy’s house. One day, Mindy got very curious and decided to do something about it. When Ally asked Mindy to play, Mindy refused and made up an excuse. After Ally left for home, Mindy followed her. She told her dad that she needed the limo later that day due to a rehearsal for the upcoming play.

Mindy couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw where Ally lived. Even though it was only a small distance from her home, it was light years away. It looked run down and Mindy felt pity for her friend. She had no idea how poor Ally was. A beautiful woman opened the door when she saw Ally approaching. Ally looked like a younger version of what Mindy assumed was her mom. She too wasn’t dressed very nicely. Her clothes were old fashioned and worn out. Mindy learned what she had set out to find. She now understood why her friend didn’t want her over.

Mindy started having Ally over for dinner after she saw how poor Ally was. Her dad liked Ally and started asking about her family. Ally said that her dad had died a few years before and her mom was all the family she had. “Tell your mom to come over with you for dinner on Friday night,” Mindy’s dad told Ally. Ally promised she would ask.

Ally and her mom showed up on Friday and her mom looked visibly uncomfortable. She started to turn back from the doorway when Mindy’s dad opened it and welcomed mother and daughter inside the mansion. During dinner, Mindy’s dad couldn’t keep his eyes off Ally’s mom Ginny. Her beauty shone through despite the clothes that she wore and he was totally enraptured. He was sympathetic to the fact that when her husband died suddenly, she was ill prepared financially to take care of herself and her daughter. Her hubby had her drop out of school when they got married. He didn’t want a wife that worked. She now worked as a waitress, earning whatever she could to make ends meet, which they barely did.

Mindy’s dad asked Ginny out for dinner for the next night but as she began to refuse, he was persistent. She gave in, unable to mask the fact she found him so attractive. He asked for her address and she told him she would come there. He didn’t push it. Mindy noticed him smiling for the first time in a long time, as he got ready for the date. It bothered Mindy that he would be seeing a woman but she didn’t say anything.

Ginny had a surprise waiting for her when she arrived. Mindy’s dad was in the clothing business and he was good at measuring up a woman. He handed her a package and told her to open it. She did and when she saw the gorgeous red silky gown she couldn’t believe it. Nobody had ever given her anything so lovely. “Put it on,” he told her, and led her to which room to use to change her clothing. She changed into it and there was another surprise in store for her.

Under the bed, he reached for a pair of elegant red shoes. He had purchased it for her for the occasion. Ginny was a vision of loveliness and Mindy’s dad escorted her to the limousine. Ginny felt like a queen. He took her to an elegant restaurant and was attentive to her all evening, mesmerized by her. The more her dad saw Ginny in the weeks that followed, the less attention Mindy received. Mindy was upset and despite how much he was starting to feel for Ginny, he couldn’t hurt Mindy. She was his first priority. She was his daughter. He told her he would break off with Ginny and apologized to Mindy for his lack of attention. Mindy felt great knowing that she again would be the centre of her dad’s universe.

Mindy happened to pass her dad’s room after he had called Ginny to tell her that he wouldn’t be able to see her again. She saw his sad face return and if she didn’t know any better, she thought she saw a tear in his eyes. Despite the fact she wanted his attention, she did love her dad and wanted him to be happy. It was then she realized that her dad needed Ginny to be happy. She knew she had to undo the damage she caused.

Ally’s birthday was approaching and Mindy tried to think about what to get her. She came up with the perfect gift. Ally’s birthday arrived and Mindy had her present wrapped up and decided to bring it over to Ally’s house to surprise her. Ally got home first since Mindy said she wouldn’t be able to see her until later that evening. Mindy followed her again but this time she went to the door and rang it. Ginny answered and was shocked to see Mindy standing at the doorway. She let her inside.

“Ally, you have a guest,” Ginny called out to her daughter. Ally came down and for a minute stood speechless seeing her rich friend in her house.

“I knew where you live for a long time, Ally,” Mindy said. “It makes no difference to me.” Ally led her to a chair. It wasn’t in the best shape but she was able to sit down on it. Mindy handed Ally her birthday present. “Happy Birthday Ally,” Mindy said to her best friend. “Open it.”

As instructed, Ally did as she was told and after ripping off all the packaging, she could see the gift that lay there. It was the clown, Mindy’s favourite stuffed toy. Ally started to cry. “I can’t take this from you,” she told Mindy.

Mindy responded, “I want you to have it. I love you Ally.” Both girls hugged and Ginny cried too. There was one more thing that Mindy knew she had to do. She explained to Ginny her part in her dad breaking up with her. Ginny understood.

“Come back to my house with me,” Mindy told Ginny. “My dad would love to see you.” Ginny had missed Mindy’s dad with all her heart so she went. When Mindy’s dad opened the door and saw Ginny there, he smiled broadly and then his smile faded when he realized he would have to send her away again. Then he saw Mindy there, smiling.

“Dad, I love you and I want you to be happy,” Mindy began. “Ally’s mom would love to see you again. I explained everything to her.”

“That’s quite a daughter you have. You should be very proud,” Ginny said to Mindy’s dad.

“I am,” he replied. In the months that followed, Mindy’s dad and Ginny saw each other constantly until one day they set Mindy and Ally down for a talk.

“We’re getting married. Ginny and I are in love,” Mindy’s dad announced. Mindy and Ally hugged both of them and were thrilled. Then they hugged each other.

The wedding was a joyous celebration of love. Ally and her mom moved into the mansion and Ally and Mindy decided to share Mindy’s new favourite room. It was called the Sister’s Room. “Goodnight Sis,” Mindy said to her new sister. Her sister nodded and drifted off to sleep.

When you are in one of YOUR horny moods, call me.